Upcoming ventures

I shall try and keep this post as short as possible. For one of my first posts I thought I would outline anything upcoming I have currently planned.

For those who don’t know I am currently training in Aerial silks and Lyra. I adore these and the next four weeks I have booked myself into a lot of lessons in an attempt to build my skills up for the student showcase in November. On top of this I am also taking an adult contortion and intensive stretch course, this is one thing in particular I am looking forward to you and hopefully I will have some great progress photos to show you. Maybe some videos and pictures of some aerial moves we shall see.
On top of this on the 24th October I shall be competing in the finals for Alternative model of the year. I haven’t modelling a great deal recently because my corsetry and performance work leaves very little time for it but it’s a great feeling to know that I’ve still got it 😉

Halloween brings in my first aerial performance and I can’t wait to video it. I’ve almost finished my costumes for it to. 

November is quite busy as I between rehearsal and training I have a burlesque show at Pagan Pride 8th November in Nottingham and I’m a finalist in the Twisted Crown of the World Burlesque games. These are but a few of my bookings however I thought a nice little blog post wouldn’t go amiss.  I’m on a roll this year lets keep it going!  


Photograph copyright Loulabelle imagery